HVAC Maintenance


As a property management company in DC, we are often asked how building owners can improve their building’s operating efficiency while lowering their carbon footprint. We’ve found that the buildings that schedule routine HVAC maintenance are the buildings that become more energy efficient, and save more money in the long run.

For example, MBB Affiliates is providing HVAC inspections, testing, and maintenance services for a large government client in DC. In this program, we provide routine maintenance, as well as necessary asset services, across the Client’s portfolio with the aim of meeting manufacturers maintenance requirements, maximizing equipment runtime, and improving indoor air quality. As part of MBB Affiliates’ HVAC service, we are also responsible for overseeing and conducting all routine maintenance and repair activity, collaborating with onsite personnel, and thoroughly reporting all findings. The current program consists of:

  • 11 Schools
  • 4000+ Students
  • 2000+ Pieces of Equipment

With students, staff, and visitors making their return back to these facilities on a full-time basis in an effort to create ‘normal schedules’ yet again, improving the HVAC efficiency for this Client was particularly critical.
As an expert in this field, with over 40+ years of real estate experience that focuses on energy efficiency and sustainability best practices, MBB was able to successfully apply its methodical approach to servicing this portfolio. This has resulted in numerous short-term and long-term benefits for our Client.

Long-Term Benefits

As a property manager, our goal is always to improve each Client’s ROI with the services we provide, and HVAC maintenance services will help increase the asset value of each facility. Routine and preventive maintenance on the HVAC components can accomplish this by increasing the lifetime usefulness of this equipment and deferring the need for capital expenditures, which improves cash flow for the facility, and ultimately NOI.

Short-Term Benefits

Short term, operational efficiencies are also gained from MBB’s HVAC maintenance services. Unplanned equipment downtime and breakdowns are significantly improved with regular maintenance along with improved equipment performance — and reducing the HVAC equipment’s performance volatility has a direct impact on the Client’s bottom line. Beyond these measurable benefits, additional benefits such as improved air quality and environmental enjoyment are produced, which contribute to the overall value of the facility.

MBB’s Senior Operation Manager, Heidi Richardson, LEED GA, who is currently managing this project says that “other clients and building types can take advantage of MBB’s HVAC services to garner similar benefits and results.” To learn more about how to improve your HVAC system, contact MBB Affiliates, LLC at info@mbbaffiliates.com for more information.